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New technologies and applications will have radically impacted on agro and food sector. Smart material is one such technology that creates the desirable shape of the product through external factors like pressure, temperature, humidity and magnetic fields. Robotic system is often used for comfort and safety. In smart farming, robots replace various manual works like weeding, fertilising, sowing and planting. At present robotics are used for shot production, sorting and packaging. Another high-tech agricultural system is sensor technology that senses the shape, light and weight of the food without coming into contact. The agro & food sector uses this sensor technology to collect data on soil, crop and animal with the help of sensors installed in the field.



Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. Aeroponic culture differs from both conventional hydroponics,

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Organic hydroponics is a hydroponics culture system which is managed based on organic agriculture concepts. Conventional hydroponics have a difficult time using organic teas and nutrients.

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Green House

Basically greenhouse is a framed structure covered with a transparent material. Greenhouse provides the controlled environment conditions for growing vegetable crops

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Agriculture Labs

The company has tie ups with soil & water testing laboratory. The farmers find it extremely difficult to know the proper type of fertilizer, which would match his soil. In using a fertilizer

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Dairy Farms

Cows are housed in either loose, open housing or free stall barns with access to exercise areas. Farms are designed specifically to allow animals to graze while being near shelter,

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Agriculture Equipment

Some tools and techniques can be used on both organic and conventional farms. The links below will take viewers to pages on the Rutgers Sustainable Farming site.

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Agriculture Chemicals

Organic farming is the process of growing plants or produce without using industrial chemicals. Chemical farming, also known as Intensive farming is the process of growing plants

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Agriculture Fertalizers

Organic fertilizer is usually made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals. Examples include manure and compost, as well as bone and cottonseed meal.

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